After the first heavy snowfalls in Pradierd and Janske Lazně in Chernarhola at the end of October, avid skiers began to worry that there might not be enough snow for them to ski for the first time.

Some regularly head to Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, and other countries that offer a higher standard of skiing due to their weather and climate. Of course, there is no comparison to these terrains, so they have to make do with shorter slopes and crowded, well-known mountain resorts.

Alpine ski resorts tend to be quieter, as many skiers are spread out over vast areas, but there is no avoiding crowded chalets, guesthouses, and restaurants, especially during peak season.
lyžařský areál

USA and Canada

However, Canada offers a very different atmosphere. The slopes and the level of service are second to none in Europe. American slopes are similar, but Canadian slopes are not as crowded with passionate skiers as those in the Alps. Plan a winter vacation to this area and you will not regret it.
slunce na sněhu

Eagle and Gisela Mountains

Although very attractive, not everyone can afford to cross the ocean every year to go there and explore the slopes, but even by Czech standards, there is no shortage of great scenery, well-kept slopes, excellent food, and comfortable facilities for great sports. These facilities are usually hidden in the less attractive mountains, where resort operators try to offer tourists quality service, but above all, they can be enjoyed in comfort, without standing in line for lifts or cable cars, and without crowding on the slopes.
kabinková lanovka

Those who wish to avoid the crowded Špindlerův Mlýn, Pec pod Sněžkou, and Janské Lázně can head to the Jizera and Orlické (Orlické) Mountains. For example, the Detoa and Světlý vrch resorts in Albrechtice in the Jizera Mountains, the Bartošovice and Olešnice resorts in the Orlice Mountains, and larger resorts. resort, and the larger resorts include the Říčky resort in the Orlice Mountains, with its carefully groomed downhill trails. You can also ski in Deštná or Čenkovice, or if you prefer to relax in the mountains in solitude, cut off from civilization, on slopes closed to the forest passes, you can ski in Pěnkavčí (Pěnkavčí) on Velká Úpa vrch and Sagasserovy boudy on Velká Úpa.