A Spring Detox is Good for You

Our bodies need to cleanse themselves after winter. Spring is considered a time of new beginnings and the arrival of a better and warmer season. Because we suffer from various viruses in the winter and do not pay much attention to our diet, the body after winter is really full of only bad things and needs to cleanse itself . And the best thing to do is to get detoxification treatment. Not only will you feel better, but most importantly you will be recharged with a whole new fresh energy. [Even a short detox, even a one-day detox, is enough, during which time all the toxins in your body will be flushed out,like new. See for yourself.

holka se salátem

No fried food and no alcohol for a week. During this week, avoid artificial, cold cuts, fried foods, and especially alcohol. Meanwhile, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and supplement with nuts and seeds. You will feel better.
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Mix-up vitamin shakes: Even if you don\’t like liquid foods, try drinking a fresh fruit smoothie every morning, at least for a while. You\’ll have an instant boost of healthy energy and feel refreshed all day long.

Drink milk thistle: The liver is very important to our body and this organ is also under great stress. In order for the liver to function properly, it also needs to be cleansed. Thistle is most effective for this. Buy this herb dried and make a tea from it. Drink it regularly, not only in the spring, but preferably all year round.
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Brew dandelions: Dandelions are everywhere in the spring, so pick a few and brew some tea.

Drink again: Everyone knows that drinking is important. For probably every problem, drinking a lot is recommended. This is doubly true for detox. Like spring flowers, we pour clean water over ourselves.

Not eating for a day: If you can stand it, fast for a day. Drink only herbal teas and fresh fruit juices throughout the day, and two or three glasses of quiet, clean water. It\’s manageable and not too bad. If you can, do it again after a while.