Babies and Their Costs

So far, we have been able to go to the cinema and eat out whenever we want. We could buy whatever we wanted and never had to worry about needing to buy diapers or a pack of cough syrup. When I think about the baby, the question arises, “Will we be able to make it financially?” The question arises, “Will we be able to do it financially? The answer is simple. We could do anything if we wanted to. Babies don\’t need expensive things or clothes. The happiest thing for a baby is the love and security you give it gratuitously.
On the Internet, the economic aspect and the baby aspect are often discussed: even mothers with an income of more than 30,000 CZK are sometimes able to support their little ones. Of course, it depends on what standard of living one is accustomed to. But there are many couples who can support two children on a monthly income of 30,000 CZK. It\’s a matter of figuring out what you need and what you don\’t.
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There are big savings to be made on this. On the Internet alone, there are tons of second-hand stores that source beautiful items from the UK. Many of these clothes are unworn and some even have tags attached. Here you can find lots of branded and unbranded items at great prices; whether you\’re looking for £500 or £80, the baby doesn\’t care.


You don\’t have to spend thousands of pounds on toys either. First teething toys are usually inexpensive, ranging from 50 CZK to 150 CZK. Other toys that can be washed can be bought second-hand. It certainly doesn\’t spoil the appeal. There will be even less disappointment if the child does not play with the toy as imagined.
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Sanitary items, diapers

If you want to save money on diapers, buy cloth diapers. The initial investment is a bit higher, but the savings on monthly disposable diaper costs will pay for themselves later.
You can also dare to prepare a bucket and practice the so-called no diaper method. You only need a few cloth diapers in case it doesn\’t work and you can\’t get the baby to the bucket in time.
If you don\’t want to buy shower gel, you can bathe your baby with an infusion of chamomile. Instead of various creams, buy sunflower oil at the drugstore. It is gentle on the skin and costs only a few hundred yen.

Tubs and Other Tools

Tubs can also be bought at thrift stores and can be disinfected at home. A changing table and pad are not needed at all, and the baby can be changed on the bed with just a disposable pad. This will also prevent the baby from falling when he or she begins to turn over. Thermometers and breast pumps are not expensive, although it is better to buy new ones for hygienic reasons. A milking machine is more expensive but easier to handle than a vacuum cleaner. 25]

CotsThis is one of the biggest items, but you can find nice used ones here as well. The only things you can buy new are mattresses, bedding, pillows, and blankets. So-called nests are all the rage these days, but they are not a necessity for babies.
When deciding what to buy for your baby, remember that buying used goods will save the environment from being burdened with producing new clothes and toys.