Becoming More Resistant to Illness

Winter is a bastard when it comes to health. Not that you can\’t get the flu or a cold in the summer, but winter is almost 100% of the time for some people. It costs a lot of money to get vaccinated, medicated with vitamins and various support formulas, etc.


Children are told that as soon as they go to kindergarten or school they become ill. The family then transfers the illness from member to member and is unable to recover from the health problem for several weeks. In doing so, most families make one basic mistake that plays a fairly large role in the risk of illness. Not getting pregnant
Many people associate the word hardy with people in bathing suits jumping into a half-frozen river somewhere on January 1. Sure, they are hardy too, but why go to extremes so soon?

Where to start?

Check the temperature setting in your home. In the living room it should be around 20°C, 22°C at the highest. In the room where you sleep, around 18°C. These temperatures are often exceeded, especially in prefabricated apartments. As a result, not only will you sleep less well, but you will also be more susceptible to illness.

One of the most common options for strengthening the immune system. If you do not have a sauna at home, try to go to a public sauna at least once a week and encourage your children to do so as well. Before you do, learn the principles of proper sauna use. Many people use them incorrectly.

-Cold water shower

Totally mundane, but very effective. You don\’t have to take a cold shower all at once, just put your feet in a basin of cold water for a while or alternate between hot and cold water. Your body will warm up, your skin will bleed better, and your health will improve.


– [35] Spend time outdoors[37
Fail to take regular walks in the fresh air regardless of the weather; don\’t be surprised if the first cold or cough pops up after a week of not leaving the house and moving only in the office or car.

– [40] Dress warmly[42
Many people dress too warmly, and even worse, they dress their children in unnecessarily many layers of clothing.