Car vs. bus

We all prefer different modes of transportation, but today I want to focus on car vs. bus travel.
Ever since I was a little girl, I had the opportunity to go to the beach every year during the vacations. However, I didn\’t always go according to my personal wishes, but I was already crazy about it and wished to go.
auto s ohrádkou
To begin with, I have traveled by car three times and by bus nine times. Therefore, I think it is quite possible to compare the two. The advantage of traveling by car is that we are definitely the main travelers. This means that stops and meals are always possible. The same thing happens when we need to go to the bathroom. For example, when we are driving, we can stop every hour. However, this has a primary disadvantage, making the travel time much longer. Another disadvantage is the limited amount of luggage . Unless we are driving a large SUV or a combination car, we will not be taking much luggage with us. When we go to the beach on holiday, this is not so much of a problem because we usually do not take much with us, but when we go to the mountains, for example, we can only fit two ski boots in the trunk, which is almost too full. Therefore, you need to think in advance how you will travel. These advantages and disadvantages are probably the biggest for me and immediately came to mind
ulička autobusu
If you compare a bus to a car trip,as far as stops along the journey are concerned, they are predetermined every three hours of the journey.. You certainly get used to it after a while, but children, for example, may not like it. Luggage space is shared with 40 other passengers, but as long as it is properly labeled, it cannot be lost. Thanks to the bus\’s large trunk , it can carry more luggage than you can cram into the trunk of a car. And this is definitely worth it when going skiing.