Czechs don’t have enough money to pursue their dreams

A long-term analysis by the University of Economics for the Czech Banking Association also shows a significant improvement in the financial situation of Czech households. Household assets have increased by 37.5% over the past decade, i.e., since the beginning of the global financial crisis. Even assets exceed household liabilities by SEK 772 billion. This is a good thing!

In any case, 80% of Czechs are not satisfied with their assets, income, and overall economic situation because they cannot realize their dreams. However, four-fifths of families perceive their economic situation as good. Furthermore, other surveys have confirmed that dating partners no longer share the same finances, each going his or her own way, so to speak
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What is the lack of money for?

More than half of those interviewed in various surveys said they want a better place to live. One-third of respondents want a vacation, and one-quarter want to buy a car. In total, this represents 80% of the aforementioned population. The same results come from a survey by several institutions, not just one.

Czechs in general have several dreams. Unfortunately, however, most of these people do not consider them unattainable in the short term or even attainable in the long term.

Only 15 percent of these people believe they will be able to buy or pay for what they really want in the near future.
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Will they save or work for their dreams?

Almost 60 percent of Czechs are willing to scrimp and save for their dreams. On the other hand, a third of them devote their time to jobs or activities that will help them earn a higher income. This means, for example, higher education or retraining courses. Perhaps surprisingly, 12% of those surveyed are willing to give up bad habits precisely so that they can save for a vacation or a new car, for example, without taking this money out of their household budget.