Drink, drink, and drink again

for a long time or when we have a good time with friends.
několik panáků s oranžovým drinkem a mátou uvnitř
Well known among true drinkers and alcohol game enthusiasts are the games called “Road to the Woods” and “Road from the Woods.” This game is especially famous for its catchphrase: “No one ever came back from the woods. The rules are quite simple. Players are given a pint of their favorite beer, with a green shot at the bottom. This pub drink is none other than the famous “maze” or “eye of the tiger. With each sip, a green color is added to the drink, and the player drinks until there is only green left in the pint and he finds himself in a forest. But the adventurers\’ arduous journey does not end there. There is still a way out of the forest, where the pint is refilled with beer instead of green. This game is only for those who love the smell and taste of peppermint. One must be extremely careful on such a trip.
An even faster game to get drunk is “Bum Bum. The rules are as follows: say the numbers in order from 1, but every time you say a number that is a multiple of 3 or contains 3 itself, say “bum” instead of the word “bum”, and to make it not too easy, if the number is a multiple and also contains 3, or two 3s, say the word “bum” twice. This game is suggested for those who are clever enough to keep the numbers straight. This game can be played by any number of players except three.
část půllitru piva
Drinking, of course, can be a particularly routine situation, from watching movies to simple games like Mouseketeers or Man Don\’t Be Angry. Our imagination is limitless, and what games you play with your friends is up to you, and how your evening unfolds is up to you.