Eduard Vaughan

If you ask an actor from the First Republic about the greatest Czech actor,you might hear the name Eduard Vojan. Based on deep psychological experience, this actor came into the world in the mid-19th century. Originally he was to become an officer in the Austrian army. This shows that although he aspired to be an actor, he probably did not have much success in his home country. He was only 16 years old when he was called to Talia. Literally. Prague had an actors\’ troupe by that name, and Voyan joined it. This displeased his father, and young Eduard had to leave home. His steps took him to another theater. His domain became “The Heroic Lover.” His fee was 12 gold coins a month. It was truly pathetically small. A teacher\’s monthly salary, for example, averaged 50 guilders. To support himself, he still performed at the Prague shanties.
divadelní masky

A turning point came for Frank:

In 1873, he had to enlist for three years. 1873, Frank would enlist for three years. 28 years old, he finally achieved great success.
– first, he was able to join František Pokorny\’s theater in Pilsen, and then he was able to join the theater of the Pilsen Chamber of Commerce. He really took advantage of his acting potential. Voyan played 70 characters there. And, I must add, he succeeded.
– His success was noticed in Prague, where he was invited to rehearse at the National Theater . However, he was not accepted.
národní divadlo v Praze
He returned to Pilsen and soon took over the management of the theater. However, a month later he ran out of money to operate it and headed back to Prague. After several Prague theaters, his dream finally came true. He joins the National. But here he experiences disappointment. Audiences wanted operettas and narrative plays. Voyan, however, was stuck with the romantic declamatory drama style. [The turning point came in 1894, when Willem Murschtik himself gave him his trust. He demands that Vaillant be the one to play Frank in “Marisa”. Frank finally succeeds.