FaceApp and Internet Security

Want to see yourself grow old? Surely you have already seen some pictures of this app on social media. That\’s not surprising, as this app quickly became popular and used by its users. Everyone wanted to at least have a sneak peek to see if they should be afraid of their old age or, on the contrary, if they could be nice for the rest of their lives. But word soon spread, both about the data and about how the app was making money. It\’s “free” if you just download it and use the basic features.
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The developer of the app was from Russia, which was key to the whole development. The FBI and politicians were also involved in this case. One of them was Senator Chuck Schumer. The photos were uploaded to a remote server. But there is no way to be sure where the data will end up and what will happen to it. [The app was further investigated by Google experts. The app is run by people in the US. Of course, it is not certain to which country the data will go. According to the company\’s statement, it goes to Amazon and Google\’s storage. But here is the loophole. No one knows if there is other storage, or what happens to the photos during the 48 hours they are stored on the site. 48 hours is a rather long period of time, and not common. [But what many people don\’t realize is that they are sharing much more sensitive data on apps like Instagram and Facebook. Also, because of this incident, the more serious issue of privacy violation fines against Facebook is advancing rather quickly. The fine is the largest ever received by a tech company since 2012, when Google had to pay about $22 million for privacy violations. The current fine stands at $5 billion, imposed by the Federal Trade Commission.
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A more serious problem for the person directly is the unofficial FaceApp, which has the same name and graphics, but when you install it, an error message pops up so you uninstall the app again. However, the so-called MobiDash remains on your phone and spams your phone with unwanted ads.