Facts about women

What we can say with certainty is that men are stronger and women are more beautiful. They drive better and have fewer accidents. These are examples that have been confirmed many times.

ruce s prsteny


While the average man can distinguish about a million colors, girls can distinguish many more. For example, men can see orange and women can see salmon and peach. We can see colors thanks to the cones, which are neurons that recognize three types of colors, from which color images are constructed. Women have a better overlap of these spectra and are therefore able to describe and see very fine details of color.


For women, this liquid is much more dangerous than for men. Creatures of the fairer sex are less resistant to it. Thus, if you and your partner drink the same amount of alcohol, your lover will have a higher blood alcohol level.


Most people have lip balm, lip gloss, and lipstick at home. By applying these cosmetics to their lips, they are also consuming cosmetics. They consume them when they lick their lips and eat food. They eat about two kilograms of lipstick in their lifetime.


Whether it\’s a car ride or an adrenaline rush, men prefer more adrenaline and therefore take more risks. They often overestimate their abilities, which can work to their advantage. For women, risk-taking in life is reduced, but this is to preserve their existence.



In long-term relationships, one may notice that some men gain weight. This is often due to their partners over-caring for them.

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Uncomfortably beautiful


Over the years, society and the media have continually pushed to impose certain standards on the female gender. So they have become accustomed to the idea that they must suffer for beauty. They wear uncomfortable push-up bras. They wear high heels that make their feet hurt and accessories that are not very comfortable.