Fighting Cancer the Hard Way. Protons are not everything

Cancer treatment is a long, painstaking process. In the Czech Republic, about 90,000 people a year come down with this cruel disease. These people long for a universal miracle cure that is 100% effective, but it is still somewhere beyond the stars. Still, medical science is advancing rapidly. Until recently, the only option for radiation therapy was photon therapy. This radiation emits light like a kind of flashlight or lamp. As the light spreads through space, this “light” reaches not only the affected area but also the surrounding tissue. Today, a new treatment has emerged that has surprised society as a whole. It is proton beam therapy.
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The striking difference lies in the spot irradiation of the affected area. Imagine aiming something like a laser at the desired spot with millimeter precision. This type of drug therapy sounds great, but it also has drawbacks and side effects. It has the potential to produce secondary neutron radiation in the body. However, the first priority is to win the battle against the insidious disease, and only then to solve the problems related to the course of treatment. The second aspect is that proton beams are not for everyone. There are usually three stages in cancer treatment. First is surgery, then the aforementioned radiation therapy, and the last step is drug treatment, or chemotherapy. Talk to your oncologist about surgical procedures and recommended treatments. He is the only one who knows what is best for you.
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People often become desperate, especially when there is a big “boom” on the Internet or in the newspapers. This is a textbook example. The fundamental mistake is human ignorance. A woman said this: ……” It is like this.
When you are interested in a topic, especially a technical one, try to back it up with something credible. It doesn\’t have to be technical literature; it could be something like Spanish Village for you. Search multiple servers and have fun with people who have been kissed by it, then draw your conclusions. I am referring to self-prescribed medications which you should avoid.
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Proton beam therapy is really not for everyone. If your doctor does not recommend it, do not take it. Proton therapy is usually covered by your insurance company, but if you are denied, you will be responsible for the full cost. The most common case of denial is when this is self-administered.
If you are interested,contact a proton therapy center,ora comprehensive cancer centerfor more information.