Firefox has been added to the pace

This browser is a child of the Mozilla family. His first Czech version has already visited usfifteen years ago. Gradually, this was until everything was adjusted, finished and redone, and Firefox began to have its reputation. Some cursed it, others worshiped it, and the rest stayed in the middle, or simply used another.
Today, Mozilla Firefox is a widely used browser, and from the first experiments of youthDave Hyatt and Blake Rosscreated a comprehensive, usable tool with the addition of thunderbird Mail client.
Browser prakticky
By the way, this browser is also in Mr. Guinness\’s bookbecause it had a record number of downloads. Very enviable indeed.
In 2009, he becamethe most popularand was expelled from this fictional throne only by Google Chrome.
There are many “children” in Firefox, that is, browsers based on it. For all, let\’s certainly name the most famous “onion” Tor browser, pale moon, flock and baby.
The claim that Firefox is distributed as a free license is not true. Firefox is not a compiled version. Only that source code is open.
Loga Firefoxu
Now they can download many add-ons and small conveniences.
The news is very common here and you can really choose. This is the latest and probably the most frequentupdate. So far, they have been a little slower. We do not mean such a speed, but a period. Since 2018, it has been mostly between 6 and 8 weeks. Starting with version 74, the interval should be reduced to4 weeks, as announced by project leaders Ritu Kothari and Yan Or. They want to respond to requests for faster delivery of news and therefore more frequent updates.
These short intervals allow you to react faster and more flexibly, which I\’m sure everyone will welcome. I\’m sure you will, too. Whether everything will go according to schedule, you will know by the 3rd month.