Homeopathy Really Works

It is a sad fact that doctors still cannot cure all the diseases that afflict us. In many cases, they can only relieve symptoms. And with a disease as serious as advanced cancer, it is not surprising that people look for other options.

One of the better known is undoubtedly homeopathy. It has become increasingly popular in recent years. The principle of homeopathy is “like makes like”: one drinks a special solution of one\’s own body fluids, such as saliva or urine, highly diluted with other ingredients. This promotes recovery.The question, however, is whether this method actually works. It has certainly been known for years, but the question remains whether there are actual scientific studies to prove its effectiveness, or vice versa. If so, why has it not been used in conventional medicine?

lahvičky s homeopatickými přípravky

The answer is quite simple. There have indeed been studies on homeopathic remedies, including double-blind studies. But they have all come to the same conclusion: homeopathy simply does not work, which of course leads doctors to not use homeopathy.So why do some people still believe in homeopathy? It is because several factors are intertwined. The main one is the rather good marketing with which these products are advertised in many magazines. In fact, for the time being, there are no restrictions on their sale; they need only state that they are homeopathic remedies.

příprava homeopatického léku

Then there are stories of people who have actually been helped by the treatment. However, in examining some of these cases, doctors have found that patients may actually improve on their own, or that other factors, such as changes in diet or environment, may have been responsible.

We also cannot ignore the fact that some of these medications are available at regular pharmacies and some pharmacists even recommend them. However, we must not forget here that pharmacists are not trained physicians. Of course, they have some knowledge, but it is not comparable to that of a physician. Furthermore, since pharmacists profit from sales, it is obviously in the pharmacist\’s interest to sell as many products as possible.

Therefore, homeopathy should definitely be avoided. It is just a waste of money.