How to Teach Your Child to Travel Properly

Children travel from birth. At first, it is all about our help and potential. If we have a driver\’s license, the child usually travels in a car seat in our car and then spends some time in a stroller. This is usually until the child is two or three years old. If you don\’t have a driver\’s license, things get a little more complicated right from the start.
Let\’s face it: many mothers are afraid to travel with a baby or child. How are we going to get there with a small child and a stroller? Many of us rely on getting around within walking distance. We only go where we can walk with a stroller to get around. And learning a few public transportation routes, learning one train or bus route, is enough to give us a sense of well-being and triumph.
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Years go by, the child grows up, puts away the pram, and suddenly we realize that the child can no longer walk the distance he used to walk with the pram on his own. Therefore, we opt to use public transportation.
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What can we travel with our children?

– by car
– by bus
– by train
– by subway
– by tram
– by boat
– by plane
In brief, with children The sooner you try these modes of transportation, the sooner you will both get the hang of it. There\’s nothing to fear, and kids are generally very smart.
With cars, he said, there is little risk of failure. If you have children, they can definitely handle a car trip with an A-star.
Then there are buses, streetcars, subways, etc. for short distances. Here, I would recommend the very basics. If you always carry a drink, a small snack, entertainment for the kids (toys), activities, homework, reading, etc., the trip will be manageable.
If you are traveling long distances, add all the previous tips. Have a restroom available in case your child needs to go to the bathroom.
If you are traveling for more than two hours, I definitely recommend the train. Children can walk down the aisles, go to the bathroom, and look out the window. If you travel long distances by train, don\’t forget to buy so-called seat tickets so that you can sit with your child.
Habit is important. If you teach your children to travel from an early age, it will not be a problem at all in the future.