Life online – where has reality gone

Today\’s online life can make life easier and save time for many. For example, when you are tired from work and don\’t want to go shopping or your washing machine breaks down. The Internet allows you to quickly look up the information you need, set up your own website if you run a business, for example, and quickly organize the money transactions in your bank account.
muž a žena online
If your loved one is on the other side of the world, you don\’t have to worry about not being able to see them. Such simplification must be welcomed by many of us. But we must not let this digital technology completely swallow us up and make us forget what is happening all around us. Our heads droop, our gaze is fixed on our mobile devices , and we miss the real world around us. We may become for a moment the kind of thoughtless person who would not let an elderly person sit on a streetcar because he or she cannot take his or her eyes off the latest online game.
virtuální svět
On the one hand, some connections save us time, but on the other hand, they can take away time that could be put to better and more useful use. Thanks to online social networks, people can communicate quickly, efficiently, and continuously from the comfort of their homes or offices. The day begins by checking communication networks such as Facebook and Instagram. They stay connected throughout the day, sharing moments of their daily lives through selfies and other forms of communication. Through social networks, they tell each other how they feel, what they are experiencing, and express their emotions. However, we are also increasingly accustomed to physical contact, such as hugs, caresses, kind words, and the kind of smiley faces and Gif images can express. We may be so used to seeing other people\’s stories that we forget to live our own lives and our own stories.