Like a true French woman

It is a well-known fact that French women are considered role models of elegance. They can wear anything, but they are champions when it comes to accessorizing with scarves, handbags, hats, and other accessories. But how these women do it is by looking natural and it suits them, and that includes the art of “wearing” hats.
elegantní klobouk.jpg

Hats also have holidays. This headgear should be the crown jewel of elegant attire, which does not mean that only perfectly fitted suits must be worn. Besides, not only does it look very nice, but it also protects you from inclement weather: cold, wind, rain, and sun.
řetízek na klobouku.jpg

řetízek na klobouku.jpg

They avoid skimpy designs such as miniskirts, short t-shirts that show the navel, and pumps with impossibly high heels, and wear clothes that flatter their figure. They look for quality materials and creative cuts. This includes hats.

Hats date back centuries, initially worn for protection, but later becoming an important fashion accessory and an expression of the wearer\’s social status. Over the centuries, the meaning and appearance of hats changed and, like everything else, was subject to fashion trends. Unfortunately, by the middle of the last century, the hat had lost its appeal, and only in recent years has its resurgence been noticed. Whether we like it or not, ladies, ladies, ladies, only the wearing of elegant and well-fitting hats can achieve the perfect elegance of the French way.