Little Tips to Pleasing Your Wife

They say that women are very complex and difficult to understand. As a woman, I sometimes feel the same way, which is why I have prepared some tips on how to please your wife or lover.
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  1. Flowers

The most famous and easiest way to please any woman is, dare I say it, flowers. Your partner is angry and you don\’t know why? I guarantee that buying her flowers will put her in a better mood. Of course, it is important to know what she likes. Personally, I like the classic red rose shape. But I am often even more pleased when my partner gives me, for example, pink or brindle roses. Yes, we women are sometimes really misunderstood. Personally, of course, I do not despise other flowers. I am especially glad that my friends remember me and try to please me. Still, it doesn\’t hurt to ask your wife what kind of flowers she likes. That way I can see if your wife is among the very small percentage of women who do not like to receive flowers.

  1. Sweets

Yes, most women love sweets. Especially as we go about our days, we often get angry or sad and don\’t know why. That\’s when it\’s time to please your wife with something sweet. It\’s not a bad idea to find out what they like, but if you don\’t know, just buy them chocolate or ice cream. Even if she is on a diet, your wife will be very pleased. Menstruation is not fun, and most men still don\’t understand it. But with these little things you can show your wife that you empathize and understand her.
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  1. Take the time to give

Perhaps surprisingly, not all women are interested in gifts in kind. Of course, such gifts make us very happy, but I can tell you from my own experience that there is nothing better than my partner making time for me and spending an evening together. Or just having him around always makes me very happy. I don\’t mind if he goes out for a beer with his friends once in a while, but I am so happy when he spends that time with me, chatting quietly, watching movies, and just being together.

  1. An unexpected kiss or hug

This may sound strange, but it is true. And this is not my personal opinion, I know many women feel this way. If you want to please your partner, you\’re sure to score with this. If she has a lot on her mind or is uptight, go up to her and hug her from behind and kiss her hair. In the end, I kept this a little secret, but believe me, this little thing that takes just a few minutes of your time will make your wife\’s day.

These were my few tips on how to please your wife.