Money should only be a means, not an end

The phrase “We do not live to eat, we eat to live” can also be applied to money. We do not live to make money. We make money to live. Money should not become the main goal of life. They are just a means to a better life.
procházka s holčičkou
Money is the same as fire or water. They are good servants, but bad masters. No matter whether there is a crown or millions of rotations in our budget. If money dominates us at home, rather than we dominate it, it negatively affects the quality of the relationship.

Many do not know how to manage money, so they do not save anything. This is associated with the upbringing of the original family and the character traits of both partners. If mom bought her son everything he wanted, the son expects the same from his wife. This is the cause of disputes and quarrels. If the daughter had everything that she remembered at home, she considered the usual material restrictions that her husband could not make more money, and in marriage it was not.

Many ordinary families suffer from a lack of finances. There are no generally accepted guidelines for money management. However,Certain life attitudes and practical measurescan ease financial problems.
* Be patient and do not want to have everything immediately. Do not compete with friends, colleagues and neighbors who achieve the highest standard of living.
Do not compare your standard of living with someone higher than that. Rather, pay attention to families who live happily even in modest and poorly equipped homes.
* Consider loans, especially if they look attractive or offer questionable low interest rates.
• It may not sound logical, but do not buy the cheapest for thrift. Cheap ones are paid twice.  Soon they will be destroyed, and you will have to pay for expensive repairs, or they will be completely destroyed, and you will have to buy a new one. Stick to the golden mean – do not buy things that are not only too cheap, but also unnecessarily expensive.
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Divide the amount of money at your disposal into 4 piles:
1 . Required
4 . Saved

From the first mountain, pay the necessary costs. If it is not enough, take from the 2nd and so on.
If you pay only what you need, what you need and what you can do, there may be something left in the last pile.