Optimal Envelope Type

Probably every one of us has packaged mail before. This is a rather difficult task if you do not have a box of the required dimensions on hand. Furthermore, such packages are prone to breakage, since they are composed virtually exclusively of paper. Fortunately, there is already an alternative, the mailing envelope, which is much more practical in every respect. And because they are inexpensive, they can be stocked in much larger quantities without incurring any financial pain.
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The great advantage of mailing envelopes is that you can put virtually anything in them. Of course, this depends on the size of the envelope, but basically it is true. You can send anything from clothes to books to small sports equipment like tennis rackets or badminton bats. However, there are some things for which this type of envelope is not suitable. These are fragile items like porcelain vases or electronics. In these cases, you will need to reach for a classic cardboard box and stuff it with newspaper.
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Otherwise, modern envelopes are very strong and rarely break with normal handling. 15]

Envelopes come in several thicknesses, so if you want to send expensive items, you may want to choose a much stronger envelope than a thin one.
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Mailing envelopescome in many sizes. Even the largest ones may look quite small at first glance, but don\’t worry. Thanks to the high-quality material, they stretch easily and can hold more than they appear. Unlike boxes or wrapping paper, they do not interfere with the internal structure in any way and fit much better.
Since the envelopes come at a really good price, they are usually sold in much larger packages rather than by the sheet. Thus, you can buy 10 or even 100 at a time.