The state is supposed to take care of us

As has become clear again recently, the well-known Czech Odesdicezdism is far from a thing of the past. It remains true to this day that we Czechs are the best at changing the attitudes we hold.

We simply advocate one thing and quickly change to advocate the exact opposite. And after years of advocating and at least embracing socialism, in the 1980s we moved in the direction of capitalism, and today, if not openly, we are again moving toward socialism.

společnost černobílá

You do not believe. Then you must not be following what is happening in our society. When socialism collapsed, we became entrepreneurs, because we had a tradition of working hard and having a good time because of it. In other words, the socialist \’if you don\’t work, don\’t eat\’ really applies. And even though we really had to tighten our belts back then, our society endured it. Today, on the other hand.

společnost kreslená

Today, prices have begun to rise. This, however, is partly our own fault, though no one wants to admit it, because before we were living above our means. Then all of a sudden we began to want massive price increases. The state should cap prices, the state should give us raises, in short, take care of us. We do what we can to improve our economic situation. Probably nothing. What will we do? At the end of Prime Minister Sobotka\’s regime, we were given raises by the Sobotka administration, which had no problem printing uncovered bills for “healthy inflation”. Under PM Babiš we repeatedly improved our debt. So shouldn\’t today\’s government also help us “poor” people, albeit with debt again? After all, we the people do not care about the national debt. We want to be wealthy. And after us comes the flood.

Thus three-quarters of the population is now entitled to at least some social benefits. And only one in four must live on subsistence and feed the rest of society. This would obviously please Marx, Engels, and Lenin.