Tips for Waking Up Early

Sleep early

It\’s easy. If you get your rest in the evening and go to bed after midnight, it is obviously difficult to jump out of bed in the early morning sleepy and refreshed. Even if you ring your alarm clock, you are likely still dozing off. The body needs seven to eight hours of sleep a day to regenerate. So the earlier you go to bed at night, the earlier you will wake up in the morning, even without an alarm clock.

Tip: Keep your bedroom dark and well-ventilated


Keep your alarm clock outside your bed

Intentionally put your alarm clock or cell phone out of reach at night. Do not place them in the bed or under the pillow. A second room is useful to force you to get up and go stop the annoying beeping. Also, once you get up, it\’s easier to resist the temptation to crawl under the covers. And now for the next tip: try the bathroom.

Take a cold shower in the morning

A cold shower is a great way to wake up in the morning. In addition, it helps prevent regular colds, flu, and strep infections, and helps treat high blood pressure.

Tip:A shower gel with a fresh citrus scent will energize you


Drink coffee only in the morning

Even if you go to bed early, you will have trouble sleeping late at night. Avoid caffeinated drinks after noon. It takes longer for your body to break down caffeine, preventing you from falling asleep. Find another drink that does not contain caffeine and use it for an early evening ritual. Cereal coffee is also available commercially.

Have a reason to get up

As soon as you wake up, tell or imagine yourself one positive thing that will happen that day. A barbecue with friends, a bike ride, the kids playing at school, a good sandwich, a new book, etc.

Plan your day

Always schedule the next day in the evening. This way, you know what needs to be done and you won\’t be late in the morning and stressed out. It can also help some people to have their morning clothes and breakfast ready.

Set main goals for the next day

Plan one main goal and try to stick to it. It should be something that will actually wake you up with an alarm clock. [61] [62] [63] Pray [64] [65