To Verke Rosiny

In the winter, many people look forward to when enough snow has fallen to allow them to descend the white peaks of the mountains. Those who cannot afford to go abroad need not despair. Skiers can find their own way without having to travel long distances or pay a fortune. The Jeseniky Mountains are one such place, and you can\’t go wrong if you choose to stay in Vercaye Rossigny. You can combine skiing with spa relaxation and trips to the surrounding area.



Near Velke Rosiny are the ski resorts of Kohti, Přemyslov, and Vernyžovice, as well as Sindelna, which is especially appreciated by families with children and offers excellent ski conditions. Not to forget the Cserbenoholske Cedro (saddle of Cserbenoholske). Chervenohorske Cedro has several cross-country ski trails as well as ski runs.


One of the great advantages of skiing in Velke Rosiny will be appreciated by those who like to warm themselves in warm water after a freezing day. The spa park has a newly renovated spa pool open to the public. In winter, the water is heated and becomes like a steam bath. Of course, in addition to bathing, visitors can also recharge their bodies by soaking in spa treatments.



When you tire of sports, take a casual trip to the local handmade paper mill, a popular tourist attraction. This paper mill has a 400-year history and is the only one in the country that produces handmade paper. The museum has many exhibits related to papermaking, and visitors can watch the mill in operation. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn a lot about handmade paper. There is also a store on the premises where visitors can purchase handmade paper. There is also an excellent restaurant across the street. If you are interested in magic, check out the local witchcraft process.
If you are looking for a place where you can ski, take a short trip and relax without having to go halfway around the world, don\’t hesitate to visit Velque Rosigny for a winter vacation.