Try the Konmari style “cleaning” method

Try it, and most importantly, master it. Because this method requires personal responsibility, the art of detaching yourself from the things that keep piling up and tying you down with emotional memories. Likewise, you need to follow the exact rules laid out by author Marie Kondo in her book “Miracle Cleaning: Putting Things Away Once and for All”. The book quickly became an international bestseller.

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Marie Kondo discusses the fact that we sometimes accumulate objects that not only do not get in the way of a particular place, but also no longer give us daily joy, but which we are attached to by memories, without putting them away. And we do not have the inclination to just throw that “useless stuff” away. Just think about your own behavior of not trying to throw things away, and your living room will look different in a few years. Not only will it be cluttered with knick-knacks and solitaires, but it will have to be cared for, dusted, moved, and constantly cared for. You have to admit to yourself that the excitement of bringing home a pebble you picked up on a mountain walk or a shell you picked up on the Mediterranean coast is no longer there…

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The Kommari method is not about cleaning itself, but about bringing balance to yourself. It is about asking yourself what is important to you. It is about clearing the flow of energy within yourself, so to speak, and thus clearing the flow of energy in your life and, by extension, in your home. In fact, it is a revolutionary way to change your perception and awareness of yourself. The only condition is that you adhere strictly to all the advice Marie gives in her book. Do not change at your own discretion and only do what you like. Art is just doing something different, and yet it can be very beneficial to you and your life.
The essence of the matter is to surround ourselves with only that which gives us pleasure and at the same time settles our consciousness into blissful contentment. There is beauty in simplicity.