Trying a new business

You may be surprised to learn that many people want to be entrepreneurs, but are simply, afraid to start a business. However, there is a way to at least give it a try, and even try a mock trial. Many people have tried mock businesses and everyone has been very happy with the results. It gives you the experience you absolutely need.
Have you heard of the Compartment Program? It allows you to gain skills and experience that will really help you when you decide to start your own business.
šedý hrnek.jpg
Trust me, if you decide to take advantage of this opportunity, you will.
This project is a “find an investor” project. This project offers the opportunity to raise funds in conjunction with charities and public events.
All you have to do is prepare a clear and compelling project. If the finished project is truly realistic and fully convincing to investors, the average reward will be about 5 million yen. The remuneration is based on the necessary implementation costs. Profits earned by you will be donated to a charitable organization, according to your choice and agreement.
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The advantage is that everything you do is under your control. The person carrying out the project is responsible for the cost of materials as well as the necessary rent. For example, you can provide services, products, and much more. It is all up to you and your imagination. [Such an opportunity is probably not available anywhere else.
To be a true club activity, there must be at least five people involved in the activity.18]
The main motivation for those who choose this opportunity should be experience and moral benefit.
We should definitely take advantage of this opportunity while we still can. Now, what do you think?