Use your imagination to create an original gift for an expectant mother

How do you choose a gift for a new mother? Are you at the age where your peers around you are getting married and having new children? Do you share with them your joy and new knowledge about little ones? Would you like to give them something useful to make them happy? Let us give you some great tips. It will be a challenge for you. It will show them how skilled you are and how well you can handle home production. It will be a special gift that you can\’t just buy. Well, actually part of it. You will need materials available from the website. There are several, and it is up to you to choose which ones will appeal to you, which ones are the best and broadest. We will simply tell you what they are. We will show you how to make a bead clip for a pacifier. We are sure you will have fun and be thrilled with your finished product.


What do I need? The main material is beads. Choose a store that guarantees the safety of its products. Keep in mind that children can chew on the materials you choose. Beads should not cause bodily harm or have defective products. Choose from a variety of shapes. Regular balls, hexagons, ovals, cubes, ring shapes, stars, hearts, various animal motifs such as turtles, foxes, and many more. We can combine silicone beads and wooden beads in different ways. It creates a beautiful contrast. We can choose to put beads with clip letters. We usually choose the name, nickname or initials of the child born.


We can choose wooden beads or plastic beads with burnt letters. Plastic or silicone dice are usually white with black letters. Wooden balls with letters are also sometimes found. Another necessary material is an appropriate thread. You can choose from a variety of colors. Pink is traditional for girls and blue for boys, but there are many other colors. Green, red, yellow, brown, gray, purple, etc. Now all you need is the appropriate clip and you can start attaching the strings. There is a clip on one end and a loop on the other end to attach the pacifier to, and you just thread it through. Believe me, a gift like this will make you very happy.