What is Fast Fashion?

You must have heard the term fast fashion as people are becoming more and more concerned about the planet and what is happening on it. However, some of you may not yet know what exactly fast fashion is or how to compete with it. I am happy to explain it to you in this article. Fast fashion represents most of the well-known major fashion brands. New Yorker, H&m, C&m, Nike, Adidas many others… The point is that the clothes of these companies are made by children and women at the lowest wages imaginable. They work 15+ hours a day in factories under appalling conditions. These large corporations I have named buy the pieces for a fraction of the price and sell them for ten times more.

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And when these clothes are no longer needed, where do they end up?
About80% ends up in landfills venkovní prodej oblečení. This is because clothing is estimated to be about 10 billion kg

per year. Of course, these materials take a very long time and are very difficult to break down, so the waste ends up in the air, water, and land, which does not help the earth much

About15% of used clothing is used as drawing cloth, and at most only5% is used to make new clothes.
venkovní prodej oblečení

How to reduce fast fashion and buy cheaper beautiful clothes?

The best solution to this problem is to buy clothes from manufacturers that properly recycle unwanted clothes. Another option is to shop at recycle stores. In these stores there is no need to worry. Clean, undamaged clothes are sold and used far more than “new clothes”. Plus, the prices are many times lower and you are contributing to the good of the planet. Another tip is to trade clothes with friends and family. If you are surrounded by certain people and someone doesn\’t like their T-shirt and you do, you can make a deal and swap it between each other. Ultimately, each of us can apply the concept of minimalism to our own lives

What is minimalism?

It is taking care of what you already have and not buying or hoarding things you don\’t use. Wearing the clothes you already have at home allows you to fully express your creativity. In other words, everyone should be interested in what they already have and appreciate them.

I hope you learn something from this article and try to reduce fast fashion as much as possible. After all, we only have one planet.