What science is for

Science is often not at all comprehensible to us mere mortals. And perhaps we don\’t understand much either. If we all understood science, each of us would be a scientist. What do you do with a bunch of scientists? Someone has to have a hand in it.

But it is certainly a good thing that there are scientists who do not understand at all. Just because we do not understand their work does not mean that we do not benefit from what such scientists\’ work ultimately brings to us. In other words, thanks to scientists, we gain many useful things. Things that benefit us

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though when and by whom. While everyone certainly needs some of the fruits of scientific endeavor, no one uses all of it. Some wear contact lenses, some wear ones made of nanofibers, some use drugs, some use various chemicals. Thanks to other scientists we have machines, instruments, and tools, and thanks to some scientists we know what is going on underground and on distant planets. Some scientists go to test tubes, others tinker with our bodies, calculate something, make patterns.

In short, science is what science makes it. It is something that perhaps only scientists themselves can understand. And even then. When two scientists from different fields meet, they often do not understand each other either. They know that they are different and cannot interfere with each other\’s techniques.

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And it doesn\’t really matter that many of us cannot understand the work of scientists, that we often find science incomprehensible. What matters is that science brings us something, that it is useful. But who knows? Whether all science is valuable or not. After all, we cannot understand it, nor can we fully evaluate it. But maybe it is useful. Paying money to scientists who don\’t produce results, or who only produce useless things, does no one any good. And it would be better if they went to some shovel.

Science is simply good if it is beneficial to humanity. But in many cases it is not. Perhaps this is because science is about money. Science often gives to the rich and takes from the poor.