Which coffee maker should I choose?

Price Differences

If you drink coffee regularly, a fully automatic machine is more cost effective. Even if the initial purchase may seem more expensive. Even if the initial investment is high, buying an energy-efficient machine will allow you to use your favorite types of coffee on a daily basis, including organic and fair trade coffees.
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Environmentally friendly

Capsule machines generate new waste with each cup of coffee. Some capsules are made of aluminum. The production of such capsules is very resource and energy intensive. Thus, the use of capsules is harmful to the environment. A person who buys a regular 250 gram bag of espresso, vacuum sealed, produces only one-tenth the amount of waste as compared to a capsule.

Capsule machines are dependent on the manufacturer

Most capsule machines are designed so that the manufacturer can load only their capsules into the machine without problems. Think carefully about whether you want freedom of choice or whether you want to follow the manufacturer\’s pricing policy.

Energy consumptionThe difference in energy consumption is slight, and this is true for all machines. The maximum annual energy consumption should not exceed 35 kWh for capsule machines and 45 kWh for fully automatic machines.
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Standby mode

Automatic change of standby mode should also be noted. Fully automatic machines should exit standby after 30 minutes. For capsule machines, it is 15 minutes. In inefficient coffee machines, three-quarters of the electricity is wasted by the temperature maintenance function and standby.

Regular descaling

Too much calcium in the coffee maker can lead to breakage, longer heating times, and associated higher energy costs. Only regular descaling is effective! Depending on the water quality and equipment, descaling intervals can vary considerably. Possible signs of a problem are significantly longer water passage times and, in many cases, increased noise. For calcium removal, use citric or acetic acid if possible. These are environmentally friendly and much less expensive than expensive remedies.