Why don’t women want men with no money?

Women can be as defensive as they want about the idea of a gold digger who is only interested in the amount of a partner\’s assets. This is because it is incorrect to criticize all women for finding a partner who is financially well-off. In many cases, money is just a bonus point.
But why do these women prefer only those who can give them something and, as a rule, avoid poor people altogether?
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– Fear of irresponsibility

Many women are of the opinion that men should stand on their own feet as adults and have some life savings.If a woman sees or finds that he is living paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford to buy anything extra (i.e., something to live on in some form), she automatically takes her hands off him.
Most women worry about what their lives will be like if they have a partner who cannot provide enough to live on.
And since more than half of them are also thinking about children, their fears are understandable.

– Money seduces women

Sometimes it is not even the woman\’s fault, but men make them feel as if they are the best part, partly because of so-called power and opportunity. 20]
Since money plays an important role in flirting, acquiring new objects, and keeping partners, it is clear that many women succumb to men even when they have money.
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They provide countless gifts, special times, carefree living, opportunities to travel and gain new experiences, etc.
But that doesn\’t mean that men who don\’t get as many opportunities as those in better circumstances are men you should stay out of.
A man\’s character and, of course, his feelings for you are not something that can be quantified by the amount of money he may or may not boast about being around. And every woman knows that very well.