As adults, how do we get along with our parents when we want to live our lives and they don\’t forgive us?

As children, parents need to listen to what every teenager from adolescence wants to do things their way.And when we want to be like ourselves, we enter adulthood. 

As adults, how do we get along with our parents when we want to live our own lives and they don\’t forgive us? 

A parent never ceases to be a parent, even if the child is already an adult, even if he already has his own family. But some parents believe that the fact that his child lives on his own, raises his offspring differently, that he has a different opinion, a view of life, or yes, even if we need 30 years old, parents can still see us as small children, children who need to be educated and protected, but also instructed. It will be. And this, in turn, can greatly disrupt the interrelationship of the family. Adult individuals do not want to be constantly controlled and confronted, even by their own parents. What if your parents are still interfering in your life? Surely you do not want to lose them, you need to learn to communicate with each other. 

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Try to talk about everything

The basis of a good relationship is always good communication. If you don\’t like something, if your parents don\’t agree with how to talk to you, or if your parents don\’t like the way you talk too much about what you\’re doing, you have to say it clearly. If you suffocate it, then one day it will all come out, and it can become very uncomfortable. It is quite normal for mothers to talk to their children in the upbringing of their offspring.They want to say their opinion about the lives of their children.More often than the father is needed by the mother.All the time on their offspring to hold a protective hand, and this, of course, can lead to many conflicts. But if you talk about it together, you can try to understand each other and even find some compromise. 

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Beware of inappropriate words

But it\’s important to realize that even if we get our heads stuck sometimes and the last thing we need is for parents to talk about it, they are still parents and we will never replace them. Therefore, pay attention to how you react, try not to raise your voice, do not discuss and calmly solve everything Try to realize that all this is really for your benefit and it does not have to be meant against you or badly. My parents often had a different upbringing than ours. In addition, they are influenced by things other than us, and this can also be a stumbling block. 

Try to compromise, even if it will be your children, their grandchildren. It is the upbringing of grandchildren that our parents try to talk about more than being healthy. Maintaining a good relationship in a family can be difficult, but we all need a family, so sometimes we need to brush our teeth a little bit.