A small change in diet can have a big effect

You\’ve been trying to lose a few pounds for a while. However, as you roam around the kitchen looking for something to warm you up, sometimes eating diet food just isn\’t enough. Having a “sweet tooth” after dinner or being hungry right after dinner means that the diet is not yet balanced. Try to address this issue by casually replacing some foods, a little at a time at first, until you get used to and enjoy eating them.

ovesná mouka

Replace the sweet yogurt with fruit sold in stores with white yogurt with fruit. You may have heard or read somewhere that yogurt is healthy. Of course yogurt is healthy, but it depends on the form. If you don\’t like white yogurt and prefer the flavored yogurt with fruit sold at the store, try mixing it up at home. Add fresh or dried fruit, nuts, or healthy syrups to the white.
tmavá čokoláda

Do you like chocolate? The higher the cocoa percentage, the better. If you like milk chocolate and eat, for example, gummies, caramels, or Oreo cookies, this is another factor that can interfere with your diet. Choose good quality dark chocolate with a high cocoa content and you will not regret it.

Switch your favorite pasta to whole wheat. A classic Italian dinner can\’t go without a few tweaks. Whole wheat pasta tastes different, but is easy once you get used to it. For a snack, look for whole-grain bread instead of the standard white rolls and buns.

Swap commercial muesli mixes for oatmeal. The best strategy for healthy meal planning is to make as many meals as possible yourself at home. This is true for commercial products such as muesli and porridge. Unfortunately, most of them contain unnecessary sugar, so while they fill you up, they don\’t move the needle on the scale an inch.
müsli s ostružinami

They are not sweetened with sugar. White sugar is now generally considered the white death to be avoided. There is a reason for this. Instead of crystal sugar in your coffee or top white sugar in your cakes, use healthy natural syrups such as agave, lavender, or jujube syrup. You will rarely notice a difference in taste, and your drink or dessert may taste like honey.