When puberty hits

it is said that the problems you have when your children are small are small, while the problems you have when they are older are big. Believe me it is true. If you have a toddler to preschooler, you may wonder what kind of worries your teenage child has. You may not be surprised to learn it yourself one day. Tell yourself that others have survived, and so will I
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Adolescence is not the same for everyone; for some it comes suddenly, and for others they are unaware that they are going through this difficult period. The first signs that the dreaded puberty is approaching are cheeky remarks or reactions to your words, strange grimaces such as eye rolls or smiles of all kinds, changes in wardrobe or hair style, a desire to get some kind of tattoo or piercing here and there on the body The parents may also be concerned about their child\’s desire to get involved in bad parties. Parents worry about their children getting involved in bad parties, getting into drugs or alcohol, or hanging out in unknown places late at night.
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Therefore, we have to arm ourselves with a great deal of patience and keep telling ourselves that it is only temporary and that, like everything else, this too will pass and everything will return to its old, peaceful ways. We must not forget that adolescents are placed in a situation where they are changing not only physically but also mentally, and they find it difficult to cope with such changes, sometimes not even being fully aware of them, fighting against themselves and hitting those around them hard. Besides, they feel that their freedom is threatened, that they are already grown up and it is up to them how to live, and that good advice seems ridiculous and useless. This rebellious attitude is mostly limited to immediate family members, while teenagers appear calm and relaxed to those around them.
Keep in constant communication with each other, even if it is sometimes very difficult, and keep an eye on how the child is spending his free time and how he is doing at school, while giving him confidence and not restricting him too much.