A Woman’s Sixth Sense

You must have experienced the sensation of a persistent whisper that something you do will never work, or that you are certain something bad has happened. Generally, this feeling is described by the term intuition. In fact, intuition is considered an exclusive quality of the fair sex. In fact, it is a hidden weapon that women carry up their sleeves. Why is this so?

Mužský mozek

Indeed, the question of how men and women can each appear to be from different planets has probably crossed your mind at least once in your life. While this may be nonsense in the scheme of things, the fact that women\’s and men\’s brains are constructed differently is enough to prove it. The brains of both sexes are slightly different in size, with men being one size larger (men should not be pleased, of course, but this fact is supported by science, but it is not even said here that you are automatically the smarter sex), the placement of gray matter and white matter, and the use of the sides of the brain also differ.
Ženský mozek
Generally speaking, women use more of their right brain, which controls emotions, when thinking, which is why they are better able to empathize with others\’ emotions, respond better to body language and tone of speech, and prioritize their emotions and intuition when making decisions in various situations. However, this does not mean that men completely deny this predictive ability. Far from it. The problem is that men want to relegate their emotions to the background and make logical and rational decisions.

This ability is strongest in mothers and daughters, who are connected to each other from birth. Another reason is that mothers worry about their children from birth and must therefore learn to anticipate and prevent possible situations. Thus a mother can know with absolute certainty that something is wrong with her child, even if no one else is aware of it.

Some women, however, have the opposite problem: they overdo empathy, emotions, and mood swings. Therefore, as already mentioned several times, it is desirable to find a happy medium between the heart, which often expresses intuition, and the brain.