Cleaning cosmetic bags or when and what to throw away

Apply a lot of cosmetics a day on the face and body. But do you know that their shelf life is not eternal and will expire many times before you have time to use the product? What symbols do you like to see and what to throw away? Please read. It takes 1 hour to clean and clean. Your skin will thank you.


How to know the shelf life

The most important rule from the beginning. For the shelf life of cosmetics, follow the inscriptions on the package. There are 2 options for marking.

1) The product must bear the minimum durability date and the symbol of the cup or hourglass with a number (number = number of months). Follow what passes first.

2) Only cup or hourglass symbols with numbers are displayed on the product. That is, the number of months since the first open.


Place all products on the ground. From face cream to shower cap, eye shadow and mascara. Take each piece in your hand and inspect it. See these symbols. Not only the above, but also the appearance and smell. Do not compromise. A strange smell, a lump, a change in color, or consistency will signal that the product has already done its service and belongs to the trash. 

Generally, shower gels, body lotions and conditioners last for 1 year. All the same lotion, cream eyeshadow, make-up, manicure, lipstick and cream blush. After six months, replace the concealer and mascara. 

Hints:If you use mascara every day, replace it after 3 months. The eyes are the most sensitive, so the time to drag and risk eye inflammation is really not worth it. 


Cleaning the Brush

Keep the brush clean. First, the remains of powder and eye shadow accumulate on them, but they are also a breeding ground for bacteria. And for you it means another acne on your face. Fill the basin with warm water, soak all the brushes and wash with soap. Finally, rinse the soap with a stream of water. Dry with a clean towel.

Proper storage

Proper storage can extend the life of beauty products. Keep it cool and dry away from direct sunlight. Close the tube immediately after use to prevent air from reaching it.