Cats don’t have to be cute

Indeed, their nature is more feral and stubborn than many dogs. On the other hand, living with cats is pleasant, as long as you know how to prevent various scratches and furniture damage. Although these days some cats are only housebrokenbecause such symptoms are not to be expected. However, we need to provide them with some entertainment so that our velvet crumb does not get angry and regret choosing such a roommate. These days, this is no longer a problem, and one can buy lots of design accessories. This is, in fact, both practical and useful.kočka, která odpočívá

Sharpening claws

This is natural for cats, and it is difficult to stop them. However, it can prevent them from destroying furniture. In fact, buying one or two tall cat treesfor your four-legged petwill suffice. Then, with a warning and, preferably, a sharp hiss, we must teach her that this is ours and the tree is hers alone. It may not seem so, but cats are practical and teachable creatures and will understand where their boundaries are, especially their sanctuary. Also, getting a variety of scents and sprays that literally repel cats will give us the confidence that all will be well when we get home from work.černá kočka na svém místečku

Living with cats is not complicated

It requires education from an early age, which is the same as with children. They also want many things, including toys, freedom, and their own cat litter box. Nowadays, it is not difficult to easily purchase the necessary accessories in specialized stores and give them comfort and, above all, equipment. However, we also need to protect them from poisonous flowers, such as orchids, potatoes, and woodlice. But on the other hand, we can also buy cat grass. Then she will love it here.