League of Legends Championship

Have you heard of League of Legends or Lolk? It is a popular team, strategy, and computer game. Players control a champion (a character with special abilities) and work with their team to defeat their opponents. Sounds easy, right? But it is not. The average match lasts an hour, often at least two and a half hours, and a break of any kind is never considered. You can\’t leave your team behind, can you?
Even such matches seem chaotic as so many characters crowd the screen to fight each other. Soon, however, one finds order amidst the clutter, and after that, it becomes very simple, at least if one understands the strategy.
Šachy jsou také strategické
Over the course of a decade, the game has gained immense popularity and this year, 2019, will witness the 9th Championship in Madrid, Berlin and Paris. Teams from all over the world, including Europe, North America, Korea, and China, clashed in many matches, 10]

Teams shared the prize money, a whopping US$225,000, with Fun Plus Phoenix from China winning roughly 37% of the prize money. It is also worth mentioning Europe\’s G2 Esports in second place, Invictus Gaming and Sk Telecom T1 who took third and fourth place.
Děti vyhrály počítačovou hru.
The matches were very popular and even more spectacular. Don\’t think that only children under the age of 15 watch the League of Legends championship. The game itself has a huge base of 20- and 30-somethings, including women as well as men. What is so great about this game? It fosters strategic thinking, builds team spirit, is free, and has an elaborate hero = champion.
This year\’s League of Legends definitely includes True Damage, one of the three damage types, but it also includes another music group. You may have heard of Metal Pentakill or K/DA. This year True Damage has embraced the spirit of hip-hop. As such, not only new skins for the characters, but also music has been provided. The opening of the championship in Paris featured a song by the Giants.
The characters are Akali, introduced by popular Korean rapper Jeon Soyeon; Ekko of two rappers Duckwrth and Thutmos; Qiyana of world-renowned singer Becky G; and Senna of singer and actress Keke Palmer.
The League of Legends deserves attention.