Cell Phones as Entertainment

I would like to buy my young son a cell phone to entertain him. This is because my son is already 7 years old and has asked for a cell phone on his own. I wondered for a while whether I should buy a cell phone for such a small child. So I started casually checking to see how many first-graders already had cell phones. And I was quite astonished to learn that more than half of the first-graders already had their own cell phones. And it wasn\’t just a regular cell phone, it was already a quality touch screen phone, and the kids were playing a variety of games on it.

Mobil zažene nudu.

So I decided to get my son a cell phone so that he would not be in the minority of those who did not have one. I bought the cheapest touchscreen cell phone I could find. To be honest, the quality of this cell phone is quite good. If my son can have fun with a cell phone, why not? After all, we live in the 21st century and everyone has a cell phone, laptop computer or tablet. I know many children who would love to have a cell phone, but their parents won\’t buy it for them.

Mobil zabaví.

And sometimes I think it\’s a shame. I don\’t want to limit my son, and if I know he\’s going to be entertained by this, I want to please him. And if I had wanted a cell phone when I was a kid, my parents would have loved it. But we didn\’t have such conveniences in my day, so I had to find other forms of entertainment. Do you know what that was? My parents were not wealthy at all, so I had to look for entertainment that didn\’t cost money, but rather was free. So I and the other kids in the village played hide-and-seek and so on. And now everybody knows that cell phones are great fun for everybody.