Horror on the Skin

Do you love watching horror movies and think nothing scares you anymore? I want you to believe me. The following lines will show you a house where you can actually experience horror.

Opuštěná chodba

McKamey Manor

For starters, try California, especially San Diego. This haunted house has a really long waiting list with thousands of hopefuls. What are these people waiting for? It\’s a two to eight hour horror experience where you will be tortured, strangled, encounter spiders, and chased by hired actors with axes, drills, chainsaws, and other tools. There is also a lot of blood. The entire game is tailored to you according to a questionnaire you fill out in advance to make it as scary as possible. Your only job is to escape from this house. If I haven\’t disappointed you yet, let me tell you that so far, no one has succeeded in escaping and everyone has finished the game early.


This horror game is unique in that the setting is different each time and the course changes constantly. The basic idea is that you are kidnapped and blindfolded so you don\’t even know where to go. Worst of all, you have no idea what will happen to you. The only guarantee is that you won\’t have any good dreams for the next few weeks. Again, be prepared for fake blood and horror characters trying to scare you. Can you escape?
Strašidelný sklep

The Purge

Let me give you a paragraph. The Purge – A series of films about one night a year when the American people are allowed to do anything they can think of. The result is pathological murder, torture, theft, and rape. All without any punishment. It is just a day to let negative emotions run rampant and take revenge. Running around among the madmen with chainsaws, machetes, knives, guns, and other weapons.

The House of Horrors in Prague

As the name suggests, the last representative is from the Czech Republic, which you will encounter in the capital. Choose whether you are interested in the standard or heavy version and go for it. The activity is expected to be similar to previous Houses. However, according to the owner, the gentlemen play mostly daredevils, but very often struggle to complete the entire game. So, it can be concluded that there is no honeypot.