Being Online

Nowadays, it is advantageous for people to be online. Also, if you\’re not online now, it\’s as if you\’re not. How about you? Are you still online or not? I think that in this day and age, those who are prepared have an advantage. And that is simply being online. I myself am online a lot. Not because it\’s fun, for example, but because I have nothing to do. I\’m just always busy, busy, busy. I need to be online for my work. This can be explained by having customers online, for example. I interact with customers in my work, but not just in person. I prefer to talk to them in person, though.

Být online je praktické.

However, it is still more common and more practical to meet in person, so I prefer to meet online as well. Online work has the added benefit of allowing you to be with your family and be at home. For example, if your friend moves somewhere far away, you can still meet online. There are also various chat rooms where you can talk to friends or entire groups of friends.

Online či offline. Někomu je to jedno.

In the chat rooms you choose a group of people. Which group you choose is completely up to you. Many people will choose an online group that has the same likes and dislikes as the people they want to chat with. Also, while prepared online is preferred in this day and age, sometimes it is better to switch off and go offline. Being online all the time is not a good idea. It makes you look like you have no hobbies other than being online. What about sports? I like horseback riding and I am not always online. When I am online, I have a job and two friends who live far away so I can\’t see them in real life. So I\’m online a lot with my friends through the computer. It\’s very real and can be fun. Even if it\’s cold outside, we can chat in the warmth of our homes or online. Being online is somehow worthwhile and classy. Right now, I am delighted to be online. Kudos to all the computers.