How do you maintain harmony with your environment?

Listen to those around you
Are you used to talking more than they do? This may be the reason people stop seeking you out. In relationships, it is important to not only talk about yourself and all your personal problems, but also to listen to what the other person has to say. So the next time you find yourself in a long monologue, stop and give space for another person. I\’m sure they will appreciate it.
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Don\’t insult or criticize anyone
Do you have harsh opinions about the behavior of those around you and are afraid to share them? Sometimes it is better to keep your judgments to yourself. Not everyone is ready to accept harsh criticism of their person, and in some cases it can even hurt them. So be careful when expressing your opinion and consider the feelings of others.

Do you think you are better in some ways than others? For example, that you are smarter and more experienced and can act accordingly? That\’s not quite right. No one likes someone who “knows best”. Don\’t be afraid to admit you don\’t understand something or to ask for advice.
Next time a friend asks you how she looks, don\’t be afraid to tell her she\’s beautiful. Compliment your partner when he or she tries to do something to please you. You will see how a few words can make them happy and encourage them to do so the next time. It is definitely a better motivator than arguing or blaming.
Learn the art of forgiveness
Someone has offended you. It is important to recognize that we all make mistakes, big and small. In order to maintain long-term relationships in life, we need to learn to understand and forgive instead of judging everyone for their initial mistakes.
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Smile at those around you
No one likes someone who is always frowning. It doesn\’t matter if you are going out socially or spending time with your partner. Smiling looks good on everyone and should be a part of everyday life. Once you learn to smile, you will be surprised at how many people enjoy spending time with you.