How to Recall Your Childhood Playfulness


Challenge the kids to a duel with “Man, Don\’t Be Angry,” “It\’s Raining,” and “Black Peter.” Once you are outside with your chalk, don\’t just sit on the bench and wait, be active. Draw whatever comes to mind. During creative activities, you will be working the right hemisphere of the brain, where creativity and dreams reside. Children use the right hemisphere of the brain primarily, while we adults use the left hemisphere. Not surprisingly, the left hemisphere is where logical and critical thinking takes place.

Go to a toy store

The selection of toys is probably quite different than when you were a child. Let\’s see what kind of toys kids today have to choose from. Sleep a little and imagine that you are that little girl again. Take some time to enjoy playing with dolls, prams and horses.


Look for different solutions and combinations

Children are great at using their imagination and creativity. They can come up with solutions that are truly more unusual than those of us adults. Let\’s try to do as they do. Don\’t do things automatically and routinely, but think about how we can do things differently.

Sing and dance

Children are amazingly improvisational. Would you be tempted to dance in the middle of the street? Then they start dancing. Perhaps they won\’t take that approach, but at home, as you cook, clean, and do your daily chores, put on your favorite song and sing along. If the urge strikes you, you will dance.


Go to a water park

Invite your friends to a water park. Toboggans, slides, and artificial waves await you. Relax and don\’t worry about your body shape or mascara smudges for a moment. Enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Be creative

Any creative activity is great. Knit a scarf, paint with watercolors, decorate a cake, or make an advent wreath. If you get hooked, sign up for a course.

Small Challenges

Remember when you were a kid and your kindergarten teacher used to play “whoever steps on the line has a mosquito in their house”? Now consider a similar small challenge. For example, remembering the license plate number of the car in front of you while driving, or running up four flights of stairs before the elevator comes.