How much is your safety worth

Whether you spend your holidays in the mountains, by the sea, or at the cottage, you are supposed to be secure in your home. However, burglars these days are very sophisticated and can break into almost any location.
Today, vacations cost a lot of money. A trip to the seaside is certainly much more expensive than a stay at home or in Slovakia. But that is not such a big difference anymore.
A day away from everyday life and wanting to be completely carefree always costs something. Jewelry, expensive paintings, documents, various contracts…
v If you want to protect your valuables, you should use a safe deposit box of the size and quality required for your valuables.
Safe deposit boxes can be rented from specialized companies (non-banks)and require only one piece of identificationand a signature on the terms of use. The rental fee is partially prepaid and depends on the specialty (type) and size of the safe deposit box. It can cost several hundred to several thousand kroner per month.
This type of rental is basically anonymousand you only get two keys and a chip card to access your mailbox. So you can go to the protected area with the mailboxes at any time. 36]
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Renting a safe deposit box at a bankis mostly for those who are also bank customers with checking accounts. In
, banks always verify the identity of the customer before entering the safe deposit box area. These areas are usually monitored and, most importantly, you can only entersafe deposit boxes
during business hours. Valuables stored in banks are insured
against thieves and natural disasters (fire, flood)
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Valuables stored in banks do not protect you from the courts, bailiffs, and tax authorities. Additionally, each bank has its own specific requirements and different fees for this service. Rates are set not only by the size of the box, but also by the amount of insurance. [Rental rates for safe deposit boxesstart at approximately 2,000 CZK/day. per year is between 3,000,000 and 25,000,000 CZK.