How to have a good time without spending a fortune

When the word “fun” is mentioned, most people think of a party with friends where you can have a good drink and make some noise. However, this assumption is very simplistic, and unfortunately, in recent years, discos, clubs, and bars have become the main places of entertainment, especially for the younger generation.
skákací siluety
But there are still those who know how to entertain themselves in other ways, and certainly nothing inferior. The problem, however, is that alcohol releases endorphins, a type of euphoric hormone, which can provide an immediate sense of well-being . This is what makes alcohol parties most appealing.

Other, but less convenient, sources of entertainment
Consuming alcohol allows us to be in the company of friends who do not have to exert themselves physically, who feel relaxed, and who share an immediate sense of well-being. Other activities also bring us pleasure, and in the long run, undeniably more pleasure. But they are not so comfortable, and we must get out of our comfort zone.

But if we do, we will undoubtedly feel much better and much fresher in the long run. Let\’s try to squash, little by little, step by step, the lazy bug inside of us that constantly urges us to choose the easiest and least painful path, even though we subconsciously feel that we want change.
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How about going for a walk or a run? How about going out into nature and enjoying the natural, pure energy that surrounds you? How about relaxing with friends over a board game?
balonky v bazénu
How about picking up that book or foreign language textbook you\’ve been meaning to read? Or how about watching a documentary in a foreign language or wandering around the Czech Republic translating the foreign language lyrics in a song by your favorite musical group?
Think about what appeals to you most, or what you have put off in the past and have yet to do anything about. Sooner or later, a proactive approach to life will bring you many positive things and give you more energy. So don\’t procrastinate on anything, get started right away.