How to solve the lack of space in a room?

When it comes to space shortages, every home has a number of elegant solutions: unless you live in a villa with 20 bedrooms and three maids, it\’s hard to cram everything into one small apartment. But with these tips and tricks, you\’ll definitely never be short on space or too cluttered.


Shelves and cabinets
At least with bare walls, you can hang as many shelves as you want. Can you choose that? There is no doubt about it. Today, sophisticated shelving and clever solutions can be bought anywhere, and with just a few screws, you can get extra wall space where you can quickly put a variety of things, from small souvenirs to books.

Smart closet space
If you have a variety of wardrobes to choose from, get one with as many drawers as possible. You can fold anything. Hang space only for coats, suits, and other items that can\’t be stored by simply folding them. The more drawers, the better. This way, the wardrobe can also function as a small storage unit.

Under-bed work desk obývací pokoj.
A very clever way to integrate your workspace with your sleeping space is to purchase a post-chair queen bed and set up your own study under it. That way, you can work without disturbing the light of your roommate or loved one. This would save a lot of space that would otherwise be filled with desks, chairs, and beds. Thus everything is in one place and you have extra space to do something else.

obývací pokoj

Stay organized and throw away what you don\’t need

Everything has a purpose. Some things decorate a space, some need to be there, and some are just thrown away and forgotten. You would be surprised how much junk accumulates. The illusion is that there is not much space. But if you clean up and throw out what you don\’t need, you will find that it is not as bad as it used to be.