Secret Societies

In the Middle Ages, their existence was hidden not only for philosophical reasons but also out of a desire for a purely practical life. As is well known, the Church was a force to be reckoned with in all European countries during the Middle Ages, strictly controlling all occult practices, or simply heretical views, and no one wanted to be burned at the stake as a heretic. To this day, the Church considers all esoteric practices to be those that lead one away from God, and even in Poland today, for example, secret societies with secret organizational structures and members are prohibited by the Constitution. Secret societies are not necessarily associated with the occult or esotericism, but they are usually connected in some way. Let us look at some of them.

Taroty a kameny

Freemasonry, this organization probably originated in medieval England and, as its name suggests, was originally an organization of royal architects. Their basic organizational unit is the lodge, which has a rather complex hierarchical structure, again historically based on the structure of architects\’ guilds, with apprentices, journeymen, and masters. During the Enlightenment, especially in the 19th century, membership in a lodge was fashionable among intellectuals.

Rosicrucians, The basis of the Rosicrucian doctrine comes from the ancient Egyptian Pharaonic mystery schools. However, according to Rosicrucian legend, the survivors of the sunken Atlantis spread these teachings throughout the world. This doctrine proclaims the duality of energy and consciousness, matter and spirit, and declares that the goal of every personality is to perfect itself and achieve full awareness and harmony with the world, otherwise essentially a Christian moral principle.
Lóže svobodných zednářů

Toure is a secret society founded in Germany in 1918 and named after the mythical island of Toure. The association quickly became popular, especially among the German elite, under whose influence the Nazi Party was also formed, and many of its leading members are said to have been members of the association. In addition to his occult orientation, Thule was also a strong nationalist and racist.

Illuminati,This association is very popular among proponents and creators of various conspiracy theories and many of the world\’s most influential politicians and tycoons are members. Nevertheless, so little is actually known about this association that everyone must make up his or her own mind. The word Illuminati comes from Latin and means enlightenment. Various other societies appropriated the name because everyone wanted to be enlightened. Historically, it probably derives from the Bavarian Freethinker movement, which was founded in the 18th century and banned by the Bavarian monarch shortly after.

What is certain is that people throughout the ages have blamed secret societies for everything from crop failures to wars, economic crises to weather changes.