If you cannot conceive naturally

More and more couples in our country and around the world are dealing with the problem of natural conception. Some women are in the midst of their careers, while others do not have time to have children. Even when they do decide to conceive, they often run into the major problem of age. Unfortunately, there are many other causes. For example, a woman suffering from gynecological inflammation may have trouble conceiving. Of course, there are many more causes, and this chapter itself consists of women after cancer treatment. Weight problems are a major cause of difficulty conceiving, so couples should of course adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

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Fortunately, the topic of artificial insemination (also called IVF) is no longer taboo. There are several clinics in our country that specialize in fertility treatment. It is important to first visit a gynecologist and undergo a basic examination. If you decide to see such a clinic, you will undergo an initial medical interview and several tests. The doctor will also examine your partner, since the problem may not be on your side.

Be prepared, however, that your insurance company will cover up to three or four artificial insemination sessions; for women aged 39-40, even one session will not be reimbursed. Conditions vary from insurance company to insurance company, so it is best to check with your insurance company in advance. In addition, hormone treatment associated with artificial insemination and freezing and thawing of fertilized eggs are not covered by insurance, and the cost of egg and sperm donation is also to be borne by the customer. Insurance companies, on the other hand, will reimburse for ultrasounds, spermiograms, and tests prior to the insemination itself.
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The IVF process is expensive, but fortunately, health insurance companies are trying to simplify the process for couples and cover many of the costs. Couples need not fear dealing with this issue. It is in the couple\’s best interest to address the issue as soon as possible.