Windward Islands – a little-known Caribbean paradise

The Caribbean is a renowned vacation destination of immense beauty. The islands of Cuba, Ispaniola, and Jamaica are well known. But there is also a tropical paradise in the southern part of the Lesser Antilles. That is the Windward Islands.

The Windward Islands are a community of several states. Most of them do not have the status of independent sovereign states and are under the rule of former colonial powers. They include Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, the Grenadines, Martinique, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent. All of the countries\’ names are familiar and familiar to us, but are still not well known to visitors from Europe. Here are some of the most interesting ones.
palm beach


A kingdom under de facto British rule. A governor-general has been appointed as the Queen\’s representative. Agriculture is thriving, especially the cultivation of sugarcane, the raw material for sugar and the world-famous rum. However, it is tourism that contributes the most to the royal finances. The beautiful beaches are part of a coral reef, considered the best preserved on earth. There are no prominent mountains here. Much of the coastline is covered with mango trees, and the interior is covered with rainforest.

Dominica is an independent country. In contrast to Barbados, it is mountainous. The highest peak reaches 1,400 meters. The vegetation is tropical rainforest, most of which is protected, but tropical agriculture plays a major role in addition to tourism. Bananas account for half of export revenues. Beaches are sandy and beautifully maintained. Resorts are not very large and tourism is developing sustainably. The majority of the population is descended from African slaves.
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An overseas department of France. It was once alternately influenced by the British and French empires. This was due to the island\’s strategic location for trade. France succeeded in establishing a large network of commercial centers here. The decline in trade was caused by the eruption of Mount Pelee volcano in 1902, which destroyed several towns and killed 30,000 residents. Today, the country is an agricultural country with a focus on tourism.

These three archipelagic states are perhaps best suited for tourism. They have beautiful scenery, white sandy beaches lined with palm trees, colonial-style towns, and, above all, all the comforts to which European tourists are accustomed!