Improve relationships and improve profits!

It is important to maintain good relationships with employees. Also, a good team that is motivated can perform better and go to work. This is a big plus for employers – whether it gives a good name to the business or simply because you don\’t have to constantly look for new, reliable employees who need to be trained.
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What about the happy collective?
1.      Of course, the basis is a good salary equal to work performance.
2.      Determination and observance of rules on both sides. Their decision from the beginning eliminates the problem of the emergence of problems from misunderstanding. The rules must be reasonable and should not limit the performance of workers or personal freedom. It is important to allow workers to take breaks for lunch, snacks, toilets and anything they need so that they are not exposed to stress. It is also important to treat everything humanly and calmly.
3.      Learn to embrace new employee insights.
4.      Be able to communicate, interact, and be interested in the people who work under you.
5.      Unless a job requires it, you don\’t get promoted.
6.      Of course, motivation is a job bonus – if possible, provide them.
7.      Organize a corporate party, or a weekend joint event to strengthen the team. Many companies offer interactive afternoon dates to help improve relationships at work.
8.      Organize training if you want to move your employees forward. Teach them and introduce them to new things. Guide them in the direction you want to go to your business.
9.      Try to come forward when you have problems. First of all, you need to disassemble the problem, find the cause and possible consequences, and then throw things.
10.  Be friends.
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If you create perfect working conditions, employees will not want to leave and will perform better. Once you find the problem, it will be easier to solve it. Nevertheless, you are the boss, and this should be noticeable in the work area.