Legal Amendments Likely to be Welcomed by Entrepreneurs

Deductions from the tax base for children and non-working spouses

Legal changes allow the self-employed to apply a lump sum tax expenditure for dependent spouses and children. It also applies to those whose tax base from business activity or rent exceeds half of their entire tax base.
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Increased tax benefits for children
Tax benefits are increased for a second and additional child. Specifically, the second child will receive an additional SEK 200 per month and the first child will receive an additional SEK 300 per month. Thus, the second dependent child will receive SEK 19,404 per year and the first dependent child will receive SEK 24,204 per year.
Electronic filing
Starting this year, employees can submit and sign their tax returns electronically. In this case, the only requirement is to uniquely identify the persons involved, but the choice of which format, whether traditional paper or electronic, is directly in the entrepreneur\’s power.
Public taxes and dues by card
Of course, payment of taxes and dues by card will be possible only if the relevant authorities permit it.
One-year advance lump-sum tax payment
Upon consultation with the tax office, one-year advance lump-sum tax payment will be possible. 27] Simplified procedures for small business income
Withholding tax will be applied to income up to CZK 2,500 per month arising from employment contracts and other supportive activities. and will no longer have to be included in the tax return. This measure extends the same relief to taxpayers as for contracts for the performance of services up to CZK 10,000 per month. [Depreciation of Property
Currently, a person to whom a gift is made for the use of certain property, such as a sublessee, may depreciate that property from tax. The latter has the same depreciation requirements as a lessee in the case of a finance lease.
The third and fourth waves of EET

Electronic sales registration is coming at companies from all sides. Large companies do not mind it and rather welcome it, while smaller companies consider it another bureaucratic restriction and source of stress. In any case, the legal changes have come into effect, and lawyers, doctors, tire stores, auto repair stores, individual farmers, food manufacturers, transportation companies, and organizers of cultural and sporting events are now included in the third wave of EET. The fourth wave will begin in June 2018 and will include some craft activities that provide production and services.