To boost your immunity

With the arrival of fall, are you worried about catching a cold and falling asleep? Do you often suffer from colds and sore throats? Is your immune system weakened? Instead of worrying about the outcome, prepare in advance. Prepare in advance and start taking care of your immune system.


Don\’t get caught off guard in the fall
Be prepared and don\’t get caught off guard in the fall mud and catch a cold. Develop a perfect
immune system
and don\’t let colds and coughs get the better of you. Start building up your immune system this summer, and you\’ll have stronger health this fall and winter.
Include immune-boosting foods in your diet. However, other factors also play a role in boosting immunity.

Path to better immunity:
– Get enough, good quality sleep (at least 7 hours a day)
– Wash your hands regularly and often
– Fresh air, walks in nature
– Take probiotics
– Sauna + harden your body
In addition to following these principles, eating the right foods rich in important vitamins and minerals on a regular basis can also help improve immunity. If you are prone to colds, you may want to include vitamins and minerals in your diet. Next time you go shopping, add these foods to your cart to help improve your health.

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Suitable foods
Ø Citrus fruits (a treasure trove of vitamin C)
Ø Garlic (boosts immunity because it contains selenium)
Ø Broccoli (contains vitamins A, C, antioxidant glutathione C, and the antioxidant glutathione)
Ø Yogurt (contains healthy bacteria and can help prevent colds)
Ø Spinach (rich in antioxidants)
Start strengthening your immune system as soon as possible. Support your immune system and avoid nasty colds and other illnesses. Keep your body fresh and healthy throughout the winter months.